Advance Invoice System

Posted by Ingmar Hendriks on 7 November 2011

When I released the Simple Invoice Manager (SIM) over a year ago (also see Invoices For Barack Obama On The NetBeans Platform) I didn't expect to get so much attention to this very simple program. Eventhoug the SIM was completely functional it wasn't meant for actual usage. It was a program created for demonstration purposes only. Since then I have received several requests from people if they could use the program.
Because of this I have decided to create a new program, the Advance Invoice System (AIS), based on the Netbeans Platform.

The proposed features of the first release are as follows:

  • Adding / Altering / Removing Invoices & customers;
  • Server application for storage of invoices and other data
    • xml based communication between client and server;
    • Acces control management
    • database (in XML, MySQL or similar, this is yet to be defined)
  • Product management
    • Adding / Altering / Removing products
    • Linking / unlinking product with invoice
    • Product tax management
  • Shipment management
    • Adding / Altering / Removing shipment methods.
The target audience for this application will be small businesses, freelancers and other small entrepreneurs. 

The project is going to be released with the GPL license and will be completely open-source.

People interested in joining the development effort are welcome. The project has already started and can be found at Kenai.