Interview about Project IRI and the Netbeans Platform

Posted by Ingmar Hendriks on 3 July 2009

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I was recently interviewed by Geertjan Wielenga about project IRI and it's use of the Netbeans Platform. For the complete interview go to

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Project IRI a big succes

Posted by Ingmar Hendriks on 27 June 2009

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We had to simulate the sensors on a server by generating random values within a certain parameter. The generation of these random values had to be done on the server with a time interval of a few hundred milliseconds and the server needed to store these values. The client needed to access the values of a sensor and show them in a chart. For more information please visit the Software portfolio.

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Remove all .svn folders in a directory tree

Posted by Ingmar Hendriks on 26 June 2009


I have a MacBook and I use the Subversion (scplugin) plugin which integrates with Finder. I use subversion for projects on school together with my project members. When i finished one of my projects, I wanted the code to be included on a CD. However i didn't want the .svn directory’s to be included on it.

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Google Protocol Buffers Netbeans Plugin on Mac os X

Posted by Ingmar Hendriks on 25 June 2009

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Recently I have been researching google buffers protocol as a way of communication in one of my projects. I found a very interesting plugin for the netbeans platform that allowed me and my team mates to use the protocol buffers. However when we started working with it we struck a few bumps.

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