Wind turbine race 2011

Posted by Ingmar Hendriks on 5 April 2011

After the amazing success of last years international “Racing Aeolus 2009” and “Racing Aeolus 2010” at Ringkøbing-Skjern airport in Denmark, the Hogeschool van Amsterdam is again participating in the ”Racing Aeolus 2011” that is held in the Netherlands. I will again be participating in this race.

We have allot of new ideas this year and upgrading the drive-by-wire computer in the car is one of them. Since last year we have gathered allot of new experiance with creating a drive-by-wire computer in the Spirit of Amsterdam 2 and the H2A vehicle. The lessons we learned during these two project will be incorperated in the design of the 2011 wind vehicle.